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    Mission & History

    Children’s Village, Inc. provides a home that allows our children to grow and develop in all areas of their lives. We provide a “family unit” for children that have been orphaned, abused, neglected or have broken family relationships. This is accomplished by providing them with unconditional love, a spiritual foundation and positive parental guidance. Educational and enrichment programs are provided, and we encourage positive social relationships and community activities.

    For 50 years, Children’s Village, Inc. has provided shelter, food and clothing to Alabama’s abandoned, abused and neglected children. We are located in the southwestern area of Birmingham, Alabama, and presently have two houses in which we house ten boys and eight girls from the ages 6-18. We are the only facility in Jefferson County that can accept male and female siblings and, as a result, have been able to keep sibling groups together


    Faith “we have a strong foundation”

    Family Unity “we are a family”

    Commitment “we keep our promises”

    Accountability “we are here for the children”

    Transitional Living Home

    We recently acquired a third home that is adjacent to our existing properties. We plan to develop this property into a Transitional Home for children aging out of the foster care system. This recently acquired property is in need of repairs before it can become operational.

  • Administrative Staff

    Children's Village Staff

    Sharon D. Bolden

    Executive Director

    Phone: (205) 925-0074

    Email: village6@bellsouth.net

    Connie Payne

    Project Manager

    Phone: (205) 925-0082

    Email: village7@bellsouth.net

    Linda Beverly

    Assistant Homes Manager

    Phone: (205) 925-0037

    Kathy Elom

    Homes/Office Manager

    Phone: (205) 925-0037

    Email: village11@bellsouth.net

    Barbara Wallace Edwards

    Community Engagement Director

    Phone: (205) 616-4361

    Email: village4@bellsouth.net

  • Social Workers

    Children's Village Staff

    Matthew Herring, LGSW

    Boy's Home

    Phone: (205) 925-0221

    Email: village20@bellsouth.net

    Julia McGraw

    Medicaid Billing Specialist


    April Calvin

    Licensed Counselor

  • Residential Life Specialist

    House parents can be reached at (205)-925-0082

    Bennie Bonner

    Sandra Brooks

    Herma Elliott

    Tahalia Lomax

    Maria Lyas

    Patrice Nathan

    Jasmeshia Tweedie

    Janice Tyson

    Maria Tyson

  • Tutors

    Lucrista T. Holifield

    Tamra Sykes Ishman

  • Programs


    Cordelia Hutcherson

    Program Guidelines

    HAACP & Wellness Plan

  • Board of Directors-Officers

    Audrey Channell, Esq.-Chair


    Stephen Brown, Esq- Co-Chair


    Candace Williams-Secretary


    Erica Sheffield, Esq- Treasurer



    Immediate Past Chairpersons

    Richard Margison

    Earlie Simmons

    Judge Abdul Kallon

    Brian Sims, MD



    Honorary Board Member

    Cornelius Bennett

    Board Members

    Kerry Adkins

    Anthony Broach

    Michelle Brown

    Danny Carr, Jeff.DA

    Stephen Brown, Esq.

    Audrey Channell, Esq.

    Debra Cunningham

    Jessica Drennan, Esq.

    Elizabeth “Liz” Huntley, Esq.

    T. Matthew Miller, Esq.

    Derrick A. Mills, Esq.

    Judge Teresa Pulliam

    Max Rykov

    Veronica Salary

    Erica Sheffield, Esq.

    Joe Smith

    Emily Studdard

    Glenda Thomas

    Joyeuse Umutoni, Esq.

    Chastity Stevenson Westry

    Candace Williams

    Dr. Ty Moody

    Brenda Perryman

    Junior Board Members

    Kimberly Bell

    Allison Bell

    Wes Blankenship

    Joel Caldwell

    Sharonda Childs

    Brandon Cummings

    Willie Drakeford

    Danielle Files-Secretary

    Christina Griggs

    Mikesha Harvill-President

    Staci Rice Lawrence

    DiNaira Crosby Gilbert, J.D.

    Corissa Lee

    Caris Mitchell

    Dr. Zayauna Patterson

    Demi Pope

    Kierston Wilson Ruffin

    Tericka White Sanders-Treasurer

    Alison Potts Shirley

    Kim Silmon

    Paul Simmons

    Ruben Studdard – Honorary Member

    Brian Topping

    Jai Whitney White-Vice President

    Ryan Wilson

  • Cornelius "Biscuit" Bennett 8th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament
    Children's Village, Inc.

    Monday May 7, 2018 at Greystone Golf & Country Club

    Children's Village Inc. is a loving and Christian residential group home located in the western section of Birmingham, Alabama, that serves as the home environment to eighteen beautiful children...most of whom were homeless, facing abuse, abandonment, and neglect prior to coming to live at the Village. The home has provided guidance, educational and enrichment opportunities, positive social relationships, and participation in community activities for children. This very worthwhile organization has relied on government assistance and private and public funding in order to operate efficiently. However, reductions in government funding has threatened the effectiveness of our organizations operations. Once Mr Cornelius Bennett learned of potential reductions in government funding, he committed his support for the children. As a result, the Cornelius "Biscuit" Bennett Celebrity Golf Tournament was born...and is now in it's seventh year of existence. Now, we ask you to join Mr. Bennett, who is also a Children's Village Inc. Honorary Board Member, in supporting this most worthy fundraising effort!


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    8th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament
    Children's Village, Inc.

  • The Awesome Foundation-Birmingham, awarded Children's Village, Inc, with their Awesome Grant for August 2017. Pictured above: Pat Collier (Ambassador), Chastity Stevenson Westry (Board of Director), Barbara Wallace Edwards (Children's Village Community Engagement Coordinator), Max Rykov (Awesome Foundation-Birmingham, and Delisa Pope Mitchell (President of Children's Village Ambassadors).

    Children's Village, Inc. was awarded the 2017 Award of Excellence for Community Service from the Birmingham Community Policing, and Revitalization department.

    Pictured: Pat Collier (Ambassador), Councilor Shelia Tyson, Barbara Wallace Edwards (Children's Village Community Engagement Coordinator)

  • Be Someone's Hero

    Children's Village could not improve the lives of young people without your help, and we offer many avenues for you to get involved. From monthly donations to shopping online, your support has a lasting impact on those who cannot help themselves.
    No donation is too small, and all donations are tax deductible.
    Privacy Notice: All information concerning your donations shall be kept strictly confidential. However, we will occasionally show donors based on their level of gift. Should you prefer to make your donations anonymously, please let us know.

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